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Show Team Program

Is your child ready to take their riding to the next level?

Ashford Farm will be offering the popular Show Team program again this summer! Campers ages 12-17 who are riding at the intermediate level and beyond are invited to sign up for the Ashford Farm Show Team.
Riders will attend the regular day of camp, but be instructed in a more intensive riding and horsemanship program. There will be daily lessons, an additional 2-3 training rides per week, more barn time (instead of arts & crafts), stable management duties, and the opportunity to compete in horse shows at the Bucks County Horse Park and other local horse show grounds. The program is split up into two 4 week sessions.

This can be a great opportunity to test the waters before buying or leasing a horse or pony!


Horse Shows

Ashford Show Team members will travel to compete in horse shows at the Bucks County Horse Park for their Thursday Morning Summer Show Series. There may be opportunities to compete at other locations during the summer, including Devon, for some of our more advanced riders.

Advanced Grooming Classes

Braiding, bathing, mane pulling, clipping, hot toweling, show grooming, leg wraps, first aid, feed & nutrition, stable management. Members of the Ashford Farm show team will be trained in all of these areas from professionals who encourage them to take their skills beyond the basics and to the next level.

Clinics & Extra Lessons

In our traditional summer camp program, riders take a single daily lesson. Show Team members will ride an additional 2-3 times per week in lessons, schooling rides, or clinics. They will train extensively for horse shows, learn proper ring etiquette, show jumping techniques, and cross country jumping for the most advanced students.

More Horse Show information…
For those of our students who have never competed off the farm before and our parents who have never been involved in the equestrian sport, there are a lot more details when showing at a competition away from Ashford Farm than our annual schooling shows.
Appropriate dress is required (tan breeches, show shirt & show jacket, black gloves, tall boots or jodphur boots and garters), some shows wave the jackets during summer heatwaves, but it always nice to have one ready, they even make special summer-weight coats these days! We have a lot of consignment designer show clothes at Ashford Farm that we recommend checking out. If there is nothing in our stock that works for you, we suggest heading to Bucks County Saddlery. Their knowledgable staff can help get your rider outfitted in appropriate style!
Longer days are a fact of life with horse shows, as many shows have a start time, but the end time varies depending on the number of competitors in each class. There is also extra preparations that must be made before competitions like horse bathing, tack cleaning, etc. This means that on show days, your camper may have to arrive early and get picked up later than normal camp hours. Details of this will be shared with you before each event.
Competition fees vary from show to show. We try to keep our fees as low as possible, but campers in the Show Team program are responsible for paying their entry fees, shipping fees, and schooling fees for each competition. The Show Team leader should have a estimated figure for you before so the show it is important to bring a check for the office the day of the competition.

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