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Our Favorite Saddleshop

Caroline CanavanComment

We get asked everyday by our customers "Where should I go to buy a...... saddle, helmet, boots, etc?"

And every time, we recommend Bucks County Saddlery.  For all of your riding equipment needs, we highly recommend Bucks County Saddlery.  We have been loyal customers of this family run business for many years.  They have a knowledgeable staff who are involved in all aspects of the equine industry.  Please take your business to them first!

It's worth the trip, click here for a link to their website

Make sure to let them know you are riding at Ashford Farm.  If you are just starting out we recommend these purchases:

  • A Good Helmet, it's protecting you head, so make sure you get a good one!  Avoid the dial adjust fit helmets, and buy one that is fitted to your head by size.  Tipperary makes a good inexpensive one.  Other brands we like are IRH, Charles Owens, and GPA.
  • Riding Gloves, they are inexpensive and nice to have! (SSG and Roeckl are great!)
  • Riding Boots, make sure they fit well and are comfortable.  Our favorite brand is Ariat.

Here are two other items that aren't required, but are fairly inexpensive and nice to have!

  • Half Chaps, help your legs grip the saddle and stop them from swinging around.  They also look nice and keep your pants from bunching up or getting a sore on your leg from the stirrup leathers.
  • Riding Breeches, many have suede on them (full seat or knee patch) which help with grip and they are also better for the saddles (jeans rub the leather)

Happy shopping everyone!!!!