Ashford Farm

P.O Box 586 / Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

Nan Fund Horse Show and Prix Caprilli 2017

Caroline CanavanComment

Beautiful crisp morning, a vibrant red tent, warm coffee and cocoa to wrap your fingers around, gave way to sunshine, decadent brownies, our favorite horse shaped cookies, chilie dogs and more warm coffee and cocoa.

After we woke the horses with the red tent, we put it away for the rest of the day.  ;-0

Fabulous riding started at 8:30am with the morning show in the small ring and wrapped up just before dark with the afternoon Prix Caprilli in the big ring.  Several riders did both events!

We all enjoyed Sherman’s enthusiasm for the Nan Fund and opening ceremony gallop.

The Horses were amazing.  The Judge was spectacular!

Big Thank you to Ashford Farm for hosting this fund raiser.

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