Ashford Farm

P.O Box 586 / Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

Our Boarders


“Believe in your horse, so your horse can believe in you.”

For those of you that are considering leasing or buying a horse/pony. 

As a boarder, you can come to ride your horse up to 6 days a week (barn is closed on Mondays). Lessons are encouraged at least once a week in addition to “free riding” or exercising your horse. You are also able to sign up for special events off the farm! This will give you the opportunity to participate in local competitions and pace events - as well as experiencing the joy of bonding with your own horse or pony.

We will help match the student to a suitable mount to lease, one that will meet the needs and expectations of the rider. Each horse has his own tack and other necessary equipment. The fees to lease include the horses monthly board (call for current rate) and routine expenses (ie. annual shots and worming, as well as farrier bills every 6 - 7 weeks.)

If you are interested in buying a horse, we can also help you find a suitable horse either from our farm or off the property.